Illegal to Have Unregistered Vehicles Even in Private Land


Although it is not illegal to have an unregistered vehicle on private land, there are a myriad of cases where other particulars of the law, or laws have been applied to either ticket someone for having an inopperable vehicle on private land, or having an unregistered vehicle on private land.


The law (39:3-4) pertaining to unregistered vehicles in the state of New Jersey is pretty clear, no vehicle shall be operated unless it is registered. There are many municipalities that interpret the law slightly differently.

Many people have received tickets while their cars were parked in their driveway, and it rests on them to prove that the car wasn’t driven, which is a behemoth test unto itself. The argument is that only a probable cause needs to exist, and having your car in your driveway might be that.

Safe_Sell_BannerMind you, that some municipalities also have the ability to give you a ticket for not having your grass clipped to the right height, and you could see where these stretches of the law might have a foothold. Having said that, it helps to know the exact article that pertains to the situation, and the only one that I could find that speaks about unregistered vehicles is the following.



39:3-4. Except as hereinafter provided, every resident of this State and every nonresident whose automobile or motorcycle shall be driven in this State shall, before using such vehicle on the public highways, register the same, and no automobile or motorcycle shall be driven unless so registered.

No person owning or having control over any unregistered vehicle shall permit the same to be parked or to stand on a public highway.

Any police officer is authorized to remove any unregistered vehicle from the public highway to a storage space or garage, and the expense involved in such removal and storing of the vehicle shall be borne by the owner of the vehicle, except that the expense shall be borne by the lessee of a leased vehicle.


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